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Artisan Goat Milk Soaps Made in Texas

Artisan Goat Milk Soaps Made in Texas


I've partnered with TLC Farms since I founded Cool Beans Box back in 2016. They create luxurious artisan goat milk soaps, lotions and other body care products using the milk from their herd of award-winning Nubian dairy goats.  They've been raising goats since 1992, and have been a member of the American Dairy Goat Association since 1994.



In 2002, they began making goat milk soap with the excess milk from the does, and the business took off in a big way. Today, TLC Farms goat milk soaps and other body care products can be found in numerous stores in South/Central Texas. And here on the COOL BEANS BOX website!

Beautifully scented Black Raspberry Vanilla Goat Milk Soap

WHY GOAT MILK? From ancient times until today, milk and milk products have been used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Goat milk protein contains essential amino acids as well as vitamins A and B and minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.


 Beautifully scented Oak Leaves and Acorns Goat Milk Soap

With its natural emollients, goat milk soap can relieve dryness and leave your skin feeling silky soft. Goat milk soap is often recommended by dermatologists for their patients who suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne.

Beautifully scented Milk and Honey Goat Milk Soap

They use the milk from their herd of pampered Nubian dairy goats, combined with the finest of food grade oils, including coconut, palm, soybean, olive, rice bran, avocado and sunflower, and a variety of skin nourishing butters such as cocoa, mango and shea to make soaps that are good for your skin and a pleasure to your senses.

Beautifully scented Apple Jack and Peel Goat Milk Soap

They often infuse their soap making oils with comfrey, calendula, plantain or lavender herbs for added skincare benefits. Vitamin E is added prior to the final mixing of the soap.  

A Cool Beans Box filled with these artisan, small-batch goat milk soaps made in The Great State of Texas make a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries and many more special celebrations and occasions

Shop with us today and don't hesitate to contact us with questions, comments, and suggestions.



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