3 Reasons to Gift Our Texas Coffee Club

Micaela Elizondo

Texas Coffee Club 

Life is short, enjoy your coffee. Coffee lovers, we think you'd agree with this message. Don't worry though!. At Cool Beans Box, we have you covered with our Texas Coffee Club where each month, for three consecutive months, we'll deliver freshly roasted, whole bean coffee from a different talented Texas roaster straight to your door.

Cool Beans Box

But if you need more reasons to experience wonderfully roasted coffee, please read on for three reasons to gift the Texas Coffee Club or purchase for yourself. There are definitely more than three reasons but we've selected the top 3 reasons!

Reason #1: Experience Different Coffee Regions

Each month, for three consecutive months, get whisked away to a far region of the world where the best coffees are grown. You'll experience freshly roasted coffee from Ethiopia, Honduras, Hawaii, Mexico, and more.


Cool Beans Box Texas Coffee Club

REASON #2: Support Small Business

By purchasing the Texas Coffee Club, you are supporting small business owners working hard to achieve the American Dream of business ownership. Now, that's definitely a great reason. 

Quantum Coffee Roasters located in San Antonio, Texas

Pictured: San Antonio-based Quantum Coffee Roasters

Reason #3: Receive 15% Off

Use code: COOLBEANS15 at checkout and receive 15% off your Texas Coffee Club Purchase. NOW, that's a COOL BEANS reason indeed!


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