A Perfect Gift for The Dog and Coffee Lover!

Micaela Elizondo


Coffee and dog lovers unite! The Coffee with Suspicious Mutt Cool Beans Box will definitely please the coffee and dog lovers in your life. And you have two box options. WOW!



    • 1 lb. Kenya AA Whole Bean Coffee by  Ajiri Tea Company
    • Suspicious Mutt Mug by Orner & Co. (15 oz)

      OPTION 2

      • 1 lb. Kenya AA Whole Bean Coffee by  Ajiri Tea Company
      • Suspicious Mutt Mug by Orner & Co. (15 oz)
      • Salted Coffee Caramel Corn by Sweets & Cute Sweets
      • Oregon Hazelnut Toffee - Expresso by Holm Made Toffee Co. 

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      About the Coffee

      Ajiri means "to employ" in Swahili. Each package is handcrafted by women in Kenya. Ajiri's coffee is grown on predominantly small-scale farms. Kenyan coffee is known for its bright and fruity flavor with complimentary gentle notes of wine and black currant. The diverse and complex flavors reflect the diverse and vibrant regions in which it is grown. The main coffee growing area spans from the slopes of snow-capped Mt. Kenya to the south toward Nairobi.


      Ajiri is proud to offer a Kenyan AA Coffee, the highest grade of coffee. The AA designates the size and grade of the bean. In general, the bigger the bean, the more essential oils that enhance the flavor and aroma.

      Aijir's Kenyan Black Tea is grown in the green, fertile Kisii Hills of western Kenya. Their goal is to create employment for women in western Kenya. Each unique label is handmade using dried banana bark. All profits from sales of Ajiri Tea are donated to the Ajiri Foundation to pay school fees for orphans in western Kenya.


      About the Coffee Mug

      Orner & Co is a team of talented artisans dedicated to handcrafting awesome mugs for dog and cat lovers. 10% of all proceeds go to animal rescue organizations.

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