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Micaela Elizondo


Cool Beans Box is fortunate to have partnered with Statesman Beverage Co. based in Houston, Texas, to offer their wonderful spiced simple syrups. They have done the work for you to simplify your mixology and create great beverages. That way you can spend your time raising a glass with your friends and enjoying your sophisticated cocktails.

 The Old Fashioned Texas BBQ Cool Beans Box

The word "cocktail" has been in print since at least 1803, but probably predates that. The word is possibly derived from the French word "coquetier," which means "egg cup." Egg cups held a concoction of bitters and brandy, and were served by Antoine Peychaud after he arrived in New Orleans in 1795. The word appeared in a Hudson, New York, newspaper—the Balance—in 1806. By about 1800, a mixture of various whiskeys was called a cocktail. Cocktail shakers were invented in the 1860s. A cocktail hour is a time during the late afternoon or early evening when people enjoy a cocktail before dinner. The term is thought to have originated in New York City during Prohibition. (Source:


Here's a wonderful and refreshing cocktail recipe by Stateman Beverage Co. that will spice up any gathering. Enjoy! 




Step 1: WINE MIX
750 ml bottle of Rose
1/2 Cup Sir Winston’s
3/8 Cup Ruby Port Wine
3/8 Cup Orange Liqueur (Cointreau)
3/8 Cup of orange juice
Combine all ingredients & keep cold until ready to serve.

1 granny smith apple, cut into 1/2 in. cubes
1/4 cup Ruby Port wine
1/3 cup of Sir Winston’s
1/3 cup of triple sec
1 cup cranberries (or raspberries in the summer)
Combine all, cover, and let soak overnight. When finished the fruit should be “soupy” from the juices being drawn out.

To serve: Fill wine glasses with ice. Scoop 2 tablespoons of the fruit mix & juices over the ice. Pour wine mix to fill. Enjoy!
(Recipe Source: Statesman Beverage Co.)

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