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Texas Mompreneur Monday, November 28

 "Never did I imagine this for myself, becoming an entrepreneur in my 30's. I have a passion for being true to myself and customer's with honest and transparent ingredients..."

- Bekah, Founder & Owner, Bek's Soap Co.


For this article, we asked Bekah a series of questions to get to know her a bit and to provide insight into her business, Bek's Soap Co., based in Leander, Texas, which is just 30 miles Northwest of Austin. You'll learn how she started her shop, her favorite items, the hardest part about running her own business and much more! She's definitely a Texas maker you should follow and support. Read on y'all! 


Tell us about your business and how you got started: 

I got started when my sister-in-law started telling me about making soaps which was a hobby of hers. I had never even considered it. I'm super efficient and hand making soaps didn't seem very efficient since I can hop over to the store and purchase some really quickly. That is until I started researching the science and chemistry of soap making. I discovered that each oil had different properties and offered different results in the soap making process.

I was diagnosed with Psoriasis at 18 and with my research I started realizing that the chemicals and detergents used in commercial products probably wasn't helping my condition. I made my first batch of cold process soap in July of 2016 and I haven't looked back since. In the soap making community they talk about an addiction to soap making and they weren't wrong. My passion for all natural ingredient's and using organic oils has grown from soap bars and thus I created Bek's Soap Co.

Never did I imagine this for myself, becoming an entrepreneur in my 30's. I have a passion for being true to myself and customer's with honest and transparent ingredients. I'm continually educating myself to what are natural and what are synthetic ingredients. I want to be able to explain exactly what the ingredient is to my customer's when they see an ingredient they may not understand. Confidence and trust is big for me. 


What's your favorite item in the shop right now? 

Haha...that's like picking a favorite kitty kat! But....If I had to pick one I think I would pick my sugar and salt scrubs. Honestly, I had never used one until I started making my own; I didn't know how I was depriving myself all these years. Also, the fact that it comes in an 8 oz. mason jar with an adorable spoon helps. That and my bath bomb's, I was not a bath person until I made and used my first bath bomb.


    Any holiday collections in the works?

    I'm working on something special for Spring 2017. I'll be coming out with my first all natural facial mask. I'm working on formulation's right now. I'll also be doing a limited edition set where I am collaborating with a local Austin ceramics artist. More details to come as we approach Spring 2017! Plus, I'm working on a multi-use oil blend, you can use it on your hair, nails, skin. Remember I'm all about efficiency!

      What is your favorite part of running your own business? 

      If I had to answer honestly, it would be working for myself. I'm not sure if there is a field out there that gives me this much passion when it is for someone else. There isn't a job out there where if I work 12 hours and I leave  energized, this does, it's the craziest thing. Also, I have too much of an opinion that isn't always appreciated by management.



      What's the hardest part?

      Marketing! Marketing is the part where you are vulnerable and put yourself out there for people to either love it or hate it. I have no problem talking about my passion for my products or what they offer but the moment  someone says they want to purchase it or support it I get very shy and that's where my insecurity lies. When I first started and my husband saw my passion for it he would tell me how he thought this could be something and I  was like, "really?" I was even scared to succeed.

      I've heard people say that before but never understood it until now. Of course that feeling was fleeting and now I'm full force. I hire someone to do my marketing and I just have to push through those insecurities because I believe in my products so much. Owning a business isn't all peaches and cream and I've always lived by the adage, "fake it until you make it", there is a reason that saying exists,  confidence just doesn't exist we have to push through whatever insecurities we have and build our own confidence. Then suddenly that voice get's quieter and you are that person.

        What's one place that everyone must visit in Texas?

        Austin, Tx hand's down, just don't stay long. :)


            What Else Would You Like to Share? 

            Be an educated consumer. I was not an educated consumer until I started making my own products, I put so much trust in great marketing. Read the ingredients of your products and learn what they are. Knowledge is power. And perhaps all natural ingredient's isn't high on your priority list, that's OK too but knowing what the ingredient's are and how they might effect you is important.

            In this article, we learned a bit about Bekah and Bek's Soap Co.. Please be sure to visit her website and social media pages. Follow her and show your support! And last but not least, we hope you collaborate with Bekah very soon. Her all natural bath and beauty products are a perfect way to THANK, CELEBRATE, & HONOR any occasion!





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