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Meet Artist and Ocean Enthusiast, Kelly Coral of Island of Blue

Kelly Coral of Island of Blue

"My favorite part of being a business owner is being able to make decisions readily and chart your own course. I also love the challenge of growing a business from the ground up."  - Kelly Coral, Owner & Artist, Island of Blue

Island of Blue

In this week's post, we're super excited to introduce you to Kelly Coral, Beach, Surf, and Ocean Artist. Located in Houston, Texas, Kelly loves exploring new beaches, as well as visiting her favorite ones. She gathers inspiration from colorful sunsets, sea turtles, manatee, waves, the shoreline, and so many other things seaside.

Island of Blue nicely couples Kelly's lifelong passion for the ocean with her love of art and all things creative. She specializes in colorful beach and surf art, wave art, and sea turtle and manatee art. 

In this article, we'll learn how she began her shop, her favorite part about being a business owner and much more. We're so happy to share Kelly's story and encourage you to follow and support her work. Read on y'all!


Island of Blue Notecards

Tell us a little about your business and when & how you got started.

I started Island of Blue about six years ago when I was searching for a more creative outlet from my professional job. I began by making artwork as gifts for a few friends, and I knew I had landed on something that I could really be passionate about forever - combining my love for the ocean with my desire to create colorful, inspirational art. Island of Blue has always been about ocean conservation and conveying that to others through my artwork.

Over time, I added more designs and new products to Island of Blue, and I have a continuous flow of new art ideas in my mind, limited only by the number of hours in a day. I'm very grateful to have the opportunity to grow Island of Blue and work with some incredible people along the way!

Island of Blue Texas Artwork

What is your favorite part of running your own business? What's the hardest part?

My favorite part of being a business owner is being able to make decisions readily and chart your own course. I also love the challenge of growing a business from the ground up. While there are many exciting aspects, there are also several hard parts, such as, it's only me, and if I need to take a day off or have some other things that I need to tend to, not much get done in terms of progress. The only way to circumvent this problem, is to be very organized and practice good time-management skills!


Island of Blue

What advice would you give small business owner just starting out?

Most importantly, don't be afraid to take advice from more seasoned business owners, and remember to evolve as you learn more about your business - and yourself. And last but most certainly not least, don't forget that oftentimes, perseverance is everything!!!


Island of Blue

What's one place in Texas that everyone must visit at least once?

I still have so much to see within this great state myself, but I am going to say Kinder-Lake at Discovery Green in Houston...where else can you kayak in the middle of downtown?!


A big thank you to Kelly for sharing her story. And I'm excited to share that we are fortunate to be able to offer her Coastal Seashells Notecards in our Build A Cool Beans Box online gallery. They are so very lovely. SHOP NOW


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