Frio Farm Whiskey Vanilla Extract
Frio Farm

Frio Farm Whiskey Vanilla Extract

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The Whiskey Vanilla Extract is the granddaddy of all extracts created by Frio Farm located in Concan, Texas. A time honored recipe using superior bourbon to create a smooth, rich buttery flavor.

How the Extracts are Made

Frio Farm controls the temperature, grade of vanilla beans, the number of vanilla beans, quality of alcohol, type of alcohol, length of extraction and temperature during extraction they create a stunning array of flavors.

The extracts are aged for three months and only then are they ready to bottle. Even after bottling, the flavors continue to evolve. How many things only get better with time? Frio Farm's artisan extracts produce the most wonderful flavor imaginable.

Using superior grade vanilla beans and a cold extraction process, the extracts are not subjected to heat or pressure, which ensures a rich, deep flavor and delicate bouquet. The end result is handcrafted, premium extract that is second to none.


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