Texas Makers

Hello Texas Makers 

Thank you for your interest in being featured in a Cool Beans Box. We're always looking for super talented makers: artisans and small business owners from across The Great State of Texas that fit our brand.

Here are a few requirements to consider before applying:

The Cool Beans Box brand is about natural, eco-friendly, handmade, professional USA-made, artisan products made in The Great State of Texas. We select artisans and small businesses that have their own brand in place, a logo and website.  

Note: If you are just starting out and in need of a new brand/logo, etc., Stacy Bitnec of StacyBGraphic Design is a great source for your small business needs.

Purchasing Considerations

We only purchase products at wholesale or deep discounts. We want to support the Texas Makers as well as reach a larger customer base with competitive and reasonable pricing for quality products. 

So, how exactly does contributing benefit your business?

Your products will be promoted on our social media networks: facebook, twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Please like or follow us, we will do the same, so that we can work together to build our businesses. We will also promote your business through our blog and our website. Your company summary and website address will be available to customers at all times. We will also have an e-newsletter that will have highlights of new artisans, new products and featured artisans. 

Submit a Completed Application

To get the application process started, please complete the form below and we'll contact you shortly! To follow-up on your application, please email us at