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Lone Star Bee Co. Lucky Lime and Sea Salt Honey

Lone Star Bee Co. Lucky Lime and Sea Salt Honey

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This uniquely infused honey offers a punch of zesty lime that compliments the bitter-sweet combination of sea salt and clover honey.

This exceptional blend is perfect for drizzling on cheeses, sea foods and desserts, but can be used with any food you can imagine.

When eaten directly, the flavor first hits your tongue with a stimulating flavor of lime, then a hint of sea salt and lastly the sweet goodness of clover honey.When paired with foods, the lime and sea salt flavors respond in many ways, depending upon the food pairing. Try pairing this honey with any cheese; mild or strong, hard or soft.

Also, try pairing it with desserts such as ice cream, sopapillas, yogurt and biscuits.You will be entertained by the variety of ways that this honey responds to different pairings.

Ingredients include raw Texas clover honey, lime and sea salt. Lone Star Bee Co. does noot use ultra-filtration, and they do not heat their honeys to high temperatures, and no vinegar is not added as an ingredient.